Back to an Old Theme For Now

I switched to the Catch Evolution theme a while back. I’ve gone back to Twenty Ten for now due to what I consider an intolerable misfeature in Catch Evolution.The problem lies in the way Catch Evolution handles theĀ  “Read More” function. The only option is to specify the length of an excerpt as a fixed number of words, and it ignores -MORE- tags inserted by the editor. And it can’t be turned off. At least the instructions don’t say how, and my limited experiments to do so didn’t work.

The result was a mess. The “Read more” break was never where I wanted it be. So I went back to Twenty Ten for now and will simply insert those tags manually.

I’ll revisit Catch Evolution when I can. I liked the theme and I may well have missed something that would make the excerpt feature work properly for me. I’ll let you kno how that works out.

-= G =-

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