The End of an Age (and the Beginning of Another)

I have been using computers of one sort or another since 1979 and I started playing with Linux around 1999. Since then, I have held the hope that some day Linux would be able to replace Windows on at least some of my computers. That day has arrived, and just in time.

I have two older (vintage 2007 / 2008) laptops that were headed offline because they needed to have the OS reinstalled and I lacked the resources to do that. The one I’m writing on now was bought used from a shop that refurbished systems and resold them. It originally shipped with Vista, but the shop rebuilt it with a custom version of XP Pro that had drivers added to support the Serial ATA hard drive. We did not get a Windows CD with that one and I knew that if the OS ever croaked, I’d have to think of something,

The other one was given to me by a relative. This one came with a valid retail copy of Vista, but an upgrade version. I have no idea where the original OS disk was. Well, you can do a clean install with an upgrade version, but you have to run the installer twice. With all the patches required by Vista these days, this takes a long time.

Now I could install Windows on both systems if I could afford to buy two copies, but that’s a minimum of $99 each for the “Home Premium” edition and $139 for “Professional” edition that I prefer. That wasn’t going to happen on our budget.

This pushed me about two weeks ago to review the current Linux options in the hope that I could finally use Linux as a user-oriented desktop OS. This time it worked, More about that in the next post.

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