Starting Over, Again

I checked email this morning to find a flurry of warnings from Google Webmaster Tools that my site had been compromised. I checked the links provided and realized that someone had managed to infect an older blog that had been taken offline some time back. After reviewing the site and thinking about options, I decided that the simple answer was to archive anything worth saving, nuke the site, and start over fresh.

I needed to do this anyway. The site had gotten internally cluttered over the years with leftover parts of abandoned and obsolete projects. I really only needed one instance of WordPress at the root level. The rest was hazardous waste.

So I bulldozed the site and let the host install WordPress for me.

Over the next  few days / weeks / whatever, I’ll review the old material and see what gets re-posted. I know there were a few posts worth saving. Otherwise I am free to re-invent the blog and see what that contributes to re-inventing myself.

-= G =-

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