The fallacy of “wasting” your vote

One big reason the two main parties cling to power is simply that a lot of people have been tricked into believing that they are wasting their vote if they vote for a candidate that isn’t Republican or Democrat. The ‘logic’ here is that you are wasting your vote if you vote for someone who cannot possibly win. So they vote for one or the other, even if they cannot stand either. If they don’t win, at  least they feel they could have won.

We can’t afford that any more. It is painfully obvious that both parties are horribly corrupt and incompetent, and that neither party’s politicians give a crap about real issues that concern real Americans. We have to spend our votes more wisely and we have to send a message. If the machine parties again put up hopelessly tainted and unfit candidates as they did in 2016, we must vote for change.

If we don’t do this, things will just get worse. Remember: if you vote for a candidate you don’t really believe in, you are wasting your vote.

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