I Did That and It *Worked*

After over 35 years of working with computers, I am not easily impressed. But this weekend I saw something that astounded me. My main computer suffered a catastrophic hardware failure and would not even start to boot when powered on. In desperation, I moved the hard drive to the other desktop system, which I had coincidentally set up the day before.

It worked. Windows spent about 15 minutes frantically scratching its butt trying to figure out the drastically different hardware, but it did it. I am writing this post on that system. Except for the somewhat slower response (it is an older and slower system), you would never know that anything had changed.

I remember when Windows introduced Plug and Play years ago, and I remember how long we waited before PnP was more than a slogan. My experience this weekend was a startling demonstration of how much Microsoft has polished the feature over the years.

I expect now that I will be able to just put the hard drive back in the newer system once I have diagnosed and repaired it. I will sit back and let Windows do its dance and we should be back in business. As Jen likes to say, “I love living in the future.”

-= G =-

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