Some More Constructive Exhaustion

I had an opportunity this weekend to take care of a long-deferred maintenance shore and push my physical and mental limits at the same time.

We have three air conditioners that we depend on in hot weather. To make sure they keep running, I try to give them some preventive maintenance each year by opening them up and cleaning out the crud that builds up on the coils. When we lived in NH, I just hauled them out to the driveway, parked them on the tailgate of my truck, and went to town.

That all changed when we moved to Syracuse. By that point, the combined stress of all the events of the previous two years had my fibro roaring away at top speed. I also no longer had my truck or even the garden hose I used. There was no way I could carry the air conditioners downstairs to clean them, and no way to clean them in any case, so they didn’t get cleaned. I could see the effects. All three units had to work harder to get the job done. But there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

When the time came to put in the air conditioners this year, I stopped and thought very hard. The downstairs neighbors had a garden hose I could use, so if I could just manage to get the things downstairs, I could clean the coils and get all three air conditioners running right again. It would be a massive effort and I would be pushing the envelope a lot, but I decided to go for it.

By the time I got to the third air conditioner, I was spent. I was resting more than working and I was starting to get very shaky. My bandanna was dripping and fibro fog was setting in. I obviously had pushed myself right to the edge.

But I got the job done. All three air conditioners are in their windows running smoothly. I feel a sense of triumph there. But more importantly, I have successfully pushed myself beyond my recent limits.

This is a major threshold event, like fixing the exhaust pipe on the van, but bigger.  I have now been able to do something I haven’t been able to do for six or seven years.

I’m feeling the effects of working that hard, but ya know, it feels good.

-= G =-

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