The Job Search, version 3.1415926589793

I’m starting the get really frustrated by the effort required to get a job. In spite of the excellent help I have received from several agencies, I have nothing to report. I really feel like the “voice crying in the wilderness.”

What is going on here? I read about employers complaining that they can’t get qualified help. But I’m out there offering my services to companies that appear to need what I have to offer, and I am getting nothing in reply.  Why is there this terrible disconnect? I wish I knew.

So, for what it’s worth, let’s repeat the litany – I am looking for a job that engages my varied and extensive experience and skills. I have solid value in admin / finance, as well as technical areas. Surely someone must need a genial wizard who can keep the books balanced and the network working, and all for one low price.

-= G =-

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