More Browser Heresy

As an engineer, I try to be thorough when I investigate something. I therefore felt the need to try Edge, the replacement for Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer has been so awful for so long that I really couldn’t believe that the new browser could be any good, even though it was written from scratch.

Well, I’ve tried it and it it’s a lot better than I thought it would be. I was able to import my bookmarks from Chrome and dive right into my daily browsing.

The first thing I noticed was how quickly pages loaded. I haven’t done real timing tests, but there was a definite sense that pages loaded even faster than they did under Chrome.
I also noted that Edge supports “Reading Mode,” which Firefox does but Chrome does not. I discovered Reading Mode a couple of months ago and I love it because it reformats web content into a book-like layout that is much easier to read. Chrome’s failure to support Reading Mode is a big misfeature.

All is not perfect. Edge’s interface is not to my taste in a number of ways. Also, the way settings are organized doesn’t always make sense. Setting the home page, for example, is buried in Advanced Settings and is clumsy to do.

Bookmark formatting is also poor, mostly because line spacing between bookmarks in a bookmark dropdown menu is excessive. It’s nearly double-spaced, so you see fewer bookmarks before you run out of screen.

So I’m not switching to Edge any time soon. Despite being written from scratch, it still has traditional Microsoft attitudes showing in many places. But if for some reason I couldn’t use Chrome, I would have to consider using Edge over switching back to Firefox. Edge put in a good showing at Pwn2Own, and I have to choose security over convenience these days.

So Edge beats out Firefox on the essentials. Never thought I’d catch myself saying that.

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