I hope this isn’t the end of an era

Mozilla Firefox has been my preferred browser for a long time now, and I have stuck with it despite its increasingly serious issues with security and stability. But we have passed a new threshold and I have been forced to change browsers.

The Pwn2Own hacker conference is a good benchmark of how secure an OS or a browser is, and this year’s conference produced a very troubling result: Firefox didn’t even show up. Even worse, Microsoft Edge, the written-from-scratch replacement for Internet Explorer, put in a good showing. I’m quite certain that if Firefox had entered, it would have been beaten out all the others.

So I was faced with the reality that Firefox is now the only major browser left clinging to an obsolete and insecure architecture, with no prospects of being rewritten any time soon. That left me no choice. I had to move on.

I’m still fooling around with Microsoft Edge because it is completely new, but for daily work I now use the 64-bit Google Chrome. I don’t like some of its misfeatures, and I trust Google even less than I trust the NSA, but Chrome is fast, secure, and stable.

I really hope that Mozilla gets its act together and writes a whole new version of Firefox and I hope they do it soon. Mozilla is a major leader in the fight to keep the Web open and free, and the mere presence of Firefox has forced the other players to do likewise. It would be a tragedy to lose that. The Internet would not be the same without Mozilla. But I am worried. As I said in the tile of this post, I hope this isn’t the end of an era.

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