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An Unexpected Transition

I turned 66 on April 3rd. For the most part, it was no big deal. I’ve never done much on my birthday and it’s mostly just another day because, really, nothing much has changed. But this birthday marked a transition … Continue reading

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More Browser Heresy

As an engineer, I try to be thorough when I investigate something. I therefore felt the need to try Edge, the replacement for Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer has been so awful for so long that I really couldn’t believe that … Continue reading

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Bill’s Current Resume (short)

Here is the short version of my current resume, which I have done in PDF format. That’s a bit experimental, and not something I have tried before. I’ll be very interested to see how well it works. -= G =-

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I hope this isn’t the end of an era

Mozilla Firefox has been my preferred browser for a long time now, and I have stuck with it despite its increasingly serious issues with security and stability. But we have passed a new threshold and I have been forced to … Continue reading

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