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A Simple Exercise

By way of warning, I will point out that by ‘simple’ I mean ‘uncomplicated.’ I do not mean ‘easy’ Gurdjieff was generally quite firm in his position that until we make serious progress in our inner work, we can’t really … Continue reading

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Here’s Looking at You

We all know that our web browsing is closely watched by people who gather data about our browsing habits and choices. We accept this as part of internet reality. But do we know who is watching? How many snoops study … Continue reading

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Revisiting Revisited

Jen has started up a new blog and, as usual, that has me thinking about my own blog. I haven’t written much of anything lately, and most of what I have written has been about the process of rebuilding old … Continue reading

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A Hack a Day Keeps Complacency Away

It hasn’t been very long that I had to rebuild one of my wife’s old blogs because it had been hacked. Well, it happened again. This one was less severe. I was able to find the offending code and delete … Continue reading

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Could have been worse, I suppose

I’ve just been notified that Google Webmaster Tools has reviewed my site and confirmed that it’s now clean. The warnings will be removed shortly. I admit that I had been concerned, because I know people who didn’t have such an … Continue reading

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Starting Over, Again

I checked email this morning to find a flurry of warnings from Google Webmaster Tools that my site had been compromised. I checked the links provided and realized that someone had managed to infect an older blog that had been … Continue reading

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