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So now what?

I am still not happy. The new processor arrived today and I installed it. Guess what? I still have a dead system. I now have no idea what is wrong. I have spent $200 and I still have a brick. … Continue reading

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So much for that theory

I am not happy. I spent $29 on diagnosis and $70 on a new main board for my desktop system and it wasn’t the main board after all. That means it must be the CPU that died. That’s annoying because … Continue reading

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Thaedra updates

I have given the Thaedra document its own page rather than trying to maintain it by posts. As of today, I have started separating out information that only I would know from what the players would know or could find … Continue reading

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Reinventing Thaedra

Thaedra Overview Introduction I once had a well-developed game world called Thaedra and ran an active GURPS campaign there for several years. The original materials, both digital and hardcopy, are now lost. For several months now, I have been thinking … Continue reading

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I Did That and It *Worked*

After over 35 years of working with computers, I am not easily impressed. But this weekend I saw something that astounded me. My main computer suffered a catastrophic hardware failure and would not even start to boot when powered on. … Continue reading

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Playing With Tech Again

Recent circumstances have obliged me to pay closer attention to our web sites and associated blogs. In the process of doing that, I realized that our sites have been running for years now on the same hosts and that it … Continue reading

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Oh No! Not Another Diagnostic Opportunity….

This week has been pretty miserable because my rheumatologist has been running medication tests to figure out why my knees and hips have been giving me so much grief since the move. X-rays showed no mechanical damage (or osteoarthritis), so … Continue reading

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I’d like to thank the Academy….

Now that my epic search for a new part-time career has reached its conclusion, I want to publicly thank some dedicated professionals who made that possible. Lauraine Bush, Disabilities Resource Coordinator, CNYWorks Lauraine was my first contact. She was the … Continue reading

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Thinking of my father

My father died in 1994 and I still think about him, especially on Father’s Day. We were a lot alike. I was born on his birthday and grew up to be the same height and weight, as well as having … Continue reading

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Some More Constructive Exhaustion

I had an opportunity this weekend to take care of a long-deferred maintenance shore and push my physical and mental limits at the same time. We have three air conditioners that we depend on in hot weather. To make sure … Continue reading

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